Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Vigil at King's Cross

A vigil was held to remember road accident victims in King's Cross tonight. Living Streets Islington campaigner, Caroline Russell, said that the deaths on bicycles at the adjacent site - in front of the Lighthouse building on King's Cross Square in the town centre - ranged from Leslie Michaelson fourteen years ago to the recent death of Min Joo Lee. She said there had been sixteen cyclists killed and over sixty pedestrians killed this year in London - the situation is unacceptable. She implored the community to consult with and work with Transport for London.

A costly TfL "Crossing Removal Progamme", another campaigner noted, would help keep motor traffic moving, at the expense of pedestrian safety.

The group londonersonbikes.org.uk notes that transport is one thing the Mayor of London really does control, and suggests that Londoners "vote with their bikes" at elections on 3 May 2012. Will this help save King's Cross' town centre?






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