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King's Cross Town Centre and "Friends of the (former) KX Gyratory"

The Mayor of London, responding through TfL Officers, says the 2008 Living Streets report was 'superseded' by the 2009 Buchanan consultants' report (which uses older, more favourable data for 36 months to December 2007 - prior to the opening of St Pancras station and the Northern Ticket Hall) and that TfL's current 'Junction improvements' scheme is based on a 30% increase in footfall for the Olympics (which, with changes at London Underground Northern Ticket Hall and the Stations since 2007, must have occurred long ago).

The Mayor has no plans to improve the gyratory, and there is a Mayoral election approaching. A Kings Cross Neighbourhood Forum formed under the new Localism Act (Nov 2011) could direct local changes next year.

King’s Cross Junction (2)
Question No: 3268 / 2011
Caroline Pidgeon
Three years ago a report titled ‘The TfL PERS and CSA 07/08 Category A Station Audits King’s Cross and St Pancras Stations Final Report’ included a clear recommendation that TfL should “reduce traffic speeds around the [Euston Road/Gray’s Inn Road/Pentonville Road/York Way] junction” in order to improve safety. Can you explain the reasons why you discarded the advice that was presented to you, and what factors you took into account when choosing to do so?
Written response from the Mayor
Officers are drafting a response which will be sent shortly.
Written answer provided on 9 December 2011:
The report contained a number of short–term actions, including re-freshing road markings and repairing defects. Most of these were acted upon immediately after publication. The report also contained a number of longer-term aspirations and issues requiring more in-depth investigation.
In May 2009, TfL published the ‘King’s Cross Traffic and Pedestrian Study’, which set out TfL’s response to the longer-term issues raised. It included high-level proposals for a number of initiatives to improve the King’s Cross environment, which were subsequently translated into preliminary designs that could be discussed with stakeholders and implemented.
TfL began consultation on three schemes to provide pedestrian and cyclist improvements at three key junctions in May this year and will begin construction of these during December 2011.
King’s Cross Junction (4)
Question No: 3270 / 2011
Caroline Pidgeon
Further to MQ (1875/2011), you said that one-way systems where there is “evidence of poor performance, particularly in terms of safety” and where there is “a strong local consensus for change” are prioritised for removal. You added that schemes to remove gyratories must be feasible in engineering terms and those that have funding from external sources such as redevelopment schemes are prioritised. Do you think the King’s Cross gyratory system is performing well, particularly in terms of safety? If not, what steps will you take to ensure the removal of this gyratory system, in line with your policy?
Written response from the Mayor
Officers are drafting a response which will be sent shortly.
Written answer provided on 9 December 2011:
TfL is implementing schemes to improve road conditions at three key junctions in Kings Cross. These are:
  • At Euston Road/Pancras Road, extending the footway and installing new tactile paving on both sides of the road. Extending the pedestrian island on Euston Road to make it easier for pedestrians to cross. (Advanced stop lines (ASLs) are present in the existing layout). This element of the scheme is designed to accommodate a 30 per cent predicted increase in pedestrian footfall over this junction during the Games.
  • At Euston Road/York Way, extending the footway on the western side. Installing new Advanced Stop Lines for cyclists and tactile paving and changes to the signal control to a left ahead and two straight ahead movements at Euston Rd EB.
  • At Pentonville Road at its junction with Kings Cross Bridge and Caledonian Road, installing new tactile paving on either side of Pentonville Road and widening two existing pedestrian crossings on Caledonian Road and Kings Cross Bridge to accommodate a greater number of pedestrians. Provision of new Advanced Stop Lines for cyclists on Caledonian Road.
In general I support the removal of gyratories, wherever feasible, and where funding can be made available. The gyratory is complex and at a key location on the Transport for London Road Network. TfL does not currently believe that it is feasible to remove it. The very significant levels of funding that would be required to undertake such a task is also not available. However, all key junctions, such as this one, are kept under constant review.

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