Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Permeable King's Cross

To improve permeability through King's Cross, Rosie Tharp (TfL funded Canal Trust Strategic Cycle Routes Coordinator) and Tobias Newland (local campaiger) in a Living Streets Kings Cross Local Group meeting with me agreed it may be worth investigating installing a westbound cycle route on Wharfedale Road (shown yellow) to reduce congestion on the Regent's Canal around Thornhill Bridge area. It would also be important to make Wharfedale Road attractive to pedestrians coming from the new Kings Cross Central and Google developments walking to Caledonian Road and Angel.

Being part of the gyratory system, Wharfedale Road (A5203) would need to be considered in the review with TfL Streets (Claire Alleguen) and our Islington and Camden cycle planners.

Greg C.