Monday, 23 January 2012

King's Cross Go Slow

Living Streets KX is a local group, working closely with Living Streets Islington, and with other local groups like KXDF and FoAS  to try to make Kings Cross streets safer and more pleasant places to live, work and play.

The Go-Slow action was organised by Bikes Alive. (e-mail
If you’re on Twitter, you can keep up to date by following Living Streets KX at @livingstreetskx and @BikesAlive or look for Kings Cross / Go Slow / #friendsoftheformergyratory...

After the first Bikes Alive event (which involved around 200 people, including pedestrians), the organised wrote on their wordpress site:
"We need to make it clear that the current lethal priorities of Transport for London will not be tolerated, and if the only way an existing road system can be made safe is to take it over and exclude motor vehicles – at least for an hour! – so be it"

The police presence was as friendly and accommodating as it was on the previous occasion.

The organisers at Bikes Alive wrote: "we’re expecting pedestrians (including many Kings Cross locals, who also suffer from the current road system in the area) to be part of the action. So please don’t be too cycle-centric, and be prepared to move – or not move – at a pace which suits them too! Since we’re trying to change the balance on our roads to a more human and more humane one, do come with a smile on your face, and in good voice."

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