Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wild Food

King's Cross Forage
Wild food walk - foraging on a radius around Camley Street Nature Reserve on a two hour walk, we found innumerable things growing in unexpected nooks by roads, along the canal, in ambiguous abandoned parts of road reserve, and on housing estates.
Six of us set off on a Thursday morning with a long forked birch stick, some books to identify species, a bucket and a blanket.

Some of our locations and finds included;
St Pancras Station road reserve on Pancras Way - a variety of nettles

At London's newest large street, King's Boulevarde, we found Plane Trees, and spoke to a keen street warden, and discussed the potential for guerilla planting some edible plants on the Boulevarde where Eat Street was setting up for the Central St Martin's students...

Grapes near Battlebridge Canal Basin

Local fishermen were catching (small) fish - mentioning pike, perch, dock, bream.

King's Cross Wild Grapes!

Many salads, including rocket and nettles were discovered, and flowers, like miniature Daisies... on the towpath

Blackberries were found growing on Goods Way, opposite the old Petrol Station

Cherries in Fyfe Terrace
Pears in Killick Street

A bucket of large apples was collected from trees in Birkenhead Street - shared with residents, and for Rubies in the Rubble..
Cherries in Judd Street....
Now to wash and process everything!

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Addendum 24 October
Map to print double sided on A4 and fold to pocket-size!
Great Work Jeannine and friends

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