Friday, 21 October 2011

Placeshaping - Shaping future King's Cross

King's Cross Placeshaping Workshop (20 Oct 2011, hosted by LB Camden Placeshaping, at the Camden Centre in the Town Hall)

This short list (pictured) of priorities for the future of King's Cross was assembled, all in response to the draft from October 2010 workshops and more recent documents drafted by LB Camden (pdf). Each group represented communicated its issues for the Vision for King's Cross. These were prioritised for importance and for desired engagement with 'Camden Placeshaping team'.
(Following an an unsuccessful touchy-feely draw a crest exercise)

The red dots here indicate partcicpants votes for importance of issue (12 dots per participant allocated as they wished)
Coloured Stars show the groups' desired (voluntary) resource commitment to each issue - except that police are not voluntary (9 per participant allocated as they wished)

Looks like the gyratory is of key importance, but then, that was clear years ago. Safety in the public realm on the (motor) traffic system which forms the armature of this urban area is unsurprisingly fundamentally important, especially in light of recent casualties on it.

Howewer, it seems that Camden does not have it within its scope or capacity to influence this, nor even to ensure that its planning requirement for public access across King's Cross station ("Battle Bridge" - top right) can be upheld against Network Rail, which now considers it unnecessary.


Participating Residents / Consultees: 7
Living Streets King's Cross 1 (Greg)
King's Cross Development Forum 1
Camden Square Neighbourhood Association 1
Camden Community Radio 1
The Calthorpe Project 1
King's Cross Brunswick Neighbourhood Association - Youth Services 1
Resident and Lib Dem Campaigner Lee Baker

Participating police officers in uniform: 2; PC Jonathan Oran, Sgt. Gary McGovern

Council Officers: 5
Facilitators: 2

There was an undertaking that Placeshaping document draft would be redrafted with these priorities and resources in mind, with Head of Shaping Services "Helen" and Matthew Furness leading at LB Camden. The exercise seemed to revisit many issues from the October 2010 workshop.

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