Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Fixing King's Cross

Meeting Transport for London today about the King's Cross gyratory review, we will ask to discuss

1. Validity of terms of community consultation and participation in the mayor of London's 'Gyratory Review' (Aarhus Convention), in relation to local plans (Kings Cross Place Plan etc) 

[ie how and why do we participate] 

2. Tall Buildings and streetscape issues on the streets on the five routes and two bo

roughs which form part of the gyratory in question

3. Evidence basis for review and (re)design / regeneration of pedestrian facilities and public realm on sixteen junctions and twelve roads and streets forming parts of the gyratory system (PERS evidence, TfL Valuing the Urban Realm Toolkit, Manual for Streets 2, etc.)
[public realm]

4. Evidence basis of vehicle speeds, modes and volumes in order to balance with pedestrian accessibility on the links and places which are part of the gyratory system
[balancing link and place]


Essential Tools

Manual for Streets 2 (60 second summary)
Valuing Urban Realm Toolkit
King's Cross Place Plan (Camden / Islington )


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