Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Living Streets Award

I had a call today about a nomination for Marchmont Association for the Charles Maher Living Streets Award 2011 which will be announced at Living Streets' Annual Supporters' Conference in June.
I suggested that Marchmont Association has campaigned for the changes to the junction of Marchmont and Tavistock Streets, to make it better for pedestrians and cyclists (although slower for Taxis!) and has also campaigned successfully for improvements and 'boulevard' enhancements, street trees, pavements, lighting etc, on Marchmont Street, one of the last central London 'village' high streets with a mix of small independent shops.
It was apt that I had just seen the 1983 documentary about Kenneth Williams, who had lived in Marchmont Street, and which followed him around some of his haunts around King's Cross, including Cromer Street and the pub 'The Boot'. (See also KXLE) (Other awards)

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