Saturday, 22 January 2011

Latest at Living Streets King's Cross

photo: meeting last Wednesday morning at Nivens, Kings Cross Road
Group members!
As discussed recently, it is proposed that we adopt the Living Streets charter to be a Living Streets Local Group. It would mean
1. we would agree to coordinate properly with, and be supported, by Living Streets national office
2. we would be the 'official' local volunteer group for purposes of consultation by councils etc. That would mean people being able to
3. write to and
4. offering us opportunities to comment on any matter of potential concern, which we would circulate by email and/or discuss in person, and upon which
5. we may choose to comment as a group. (As Sophie Talbot points out, commenting as individuals is also recommended!)
6. I would be willing to act as chair and we would like nominations for
7. a secondary contact person. I suggest Tobias, Lisa and Hermann might accept nomination and we can have a phone ballot in the next week.
8. We discussed using the name Living Street Local Group for Kings Cross. We would coordinate on the area of interest with the established (ten-year-old) local group for Islington.
9. anyone who would like to be an ordinary member of this King's Cross group might want to comment and decide whether to adopt or reject the charter (about five pages - available from Ruth Billingham )

The only potential conflict of interest for members of a local group might be that if you were a member of a political party, (like Caroline Russell whom we met last week, who is Islington Group Chair, and a Green Party Campaigner) you would be clear about which capacity you are speaking/acting/attending in for Living Streets Camden and Kings Cross.

Please respond to this posting ( and let me know the correct email address to use for you, and whether you would like to see the full version of the charter (available from Ruth ). I will delete addresses for any unanswered emails. Feel free to recruit neighbours and friends

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