Sunday, 9 August 2009

Actions - what you can do with the city

Our group recently received a copy of the catalogue of "Actions: What You Can Do With the City" which accompanied a recent exhibition at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal. This body of work on the city, was powered by diverse activists and so called "human motors of change" including architects, engineers, university professors, students, children, pastors, artists, skateboarders, cyclists, root eaters, pedestrians, municipal employees, and many others - and must be of interest to our nascent group in Kings Cross, which encompasses a few of these.
The catalogue of 99 actions exhibited is arranged by themes and tools which are also effectively accessed via the dedicated website. Of greatest interest and relevance to Living Streets Kings Cross might be categories of interventions including;
Guerilla - Walking - Share

Projects such as Sidewalk Symposium suggest that a group like ours also might engage with people who live and work in our patch, for wider views and involvement in how these streets might be more safe and enjoyable to use.

Recycling, Gardening and Low-Effort are further categories which will resonate with members of our small group.

The exhibition and catalogue document a diverse and lively international culture of urban interventions which should challenge and encourage our group.

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