Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Student Living Eco-Fair

Living Streets South Camden and Kings Cross was invited to an Eco-Fair at the imposing-looking NIDO student housing at 200 Pentonville Road. The fair coordinator, geography enthusiast and environmentalist Anup Patel and another other resident assistant Nili received us with a tour of the building facilities and display room.

On the stall, Lisa Tang and I discussed a draft constitution for Living Steets South Camden and Kings Cross. Student-residents including Sara, Madison, Anna and Carla showed interest in arranging a walking audit and neighbourhood orientation tour for new Nido residents in June. Suggestions included confidence building for women walking at night, and learning about cultural landmarks, to complement the existing student orientation, which touches mainly on hospital, emergency and how to procure an oyster card.

A male visitor to the stall complained he found difficulty waking up early enough to allow time to walk to Uni near Regents Park - we later discussed the merits of walking along Euston Road in comparison to a route taking in Bloombury and Fitzrovia Squares, Tavistock, Gordon, Fitzroy etc., and walking with friends.

An amusing insight into resident life - and communication between neighbouring students in these towers of single occupancy apartment rooms - came from overhearing from two women entering the lift together; "would you skype me later on?"...

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